5 of our favourite homepage designs

We deal with beautiful design and responsive websites every day and love getting inspiration for the sites we build. We’ve scoured the internet and found these awesome homepage designs.

Cancer Research UK

This website is far from your conventional homepage and there are two very good reasons we love it. One, the numbers show us all kinds of statistics that show we are taking the fight to cancer (just like the current TV ads tell us) and gives us great inspiration as to what people are doing out there. Two, this tessellation is a really ingenious which mixes in links to the social media (which if anyone knows anything about Cancer Research will know just how important social media is for them) including their YouTube video content.

Oh and best of all, the site is responsive too.



While looking for a holiday I stumbled onto Trivago, now what’s cool about this homepage is it’s essentially the entire website. As soon as I start typing the location I want to travel to the site automatically renders to show search results, I don’t even have to press search!

Just putting in a target city hotels will instantly appear. When selecting more information about a hotel, whether it’s photos, reviews or destination, all the information simply folds out below the option.

This method allows the audience to focus on the task in hand, prevents abandonments by people being confused while a new page loads. The range of symbols to show social proof and savings represent best practice, and once again this site is responsive.



We’ve always been a fan of VW’s, my very first car was a Polo (it was a super reliable car, not easy on the eyes though..) and to be honest we’ve loved them ever since they did the Star Wars Passat advert. There isn’t much competition in a car sector, most are still offering dated websites.

Volkswagen nails the personas of its likely visitors on the front page. The statements it presents really do allow the user to understand the navigation.



We simply can’t deny the beautiful simplicity of Netflix’ homepage.

We also read an Ofcom survey which showed 14% of people said they streamed via Netflix. This homepage (and very easy call to action) offers no barriers to stop more from doing so.



Software we as a team use to keep track of project is progress is Basecamp. Once again it’s nicely responsive that also manages to tread a beautifully honest and humorous line that never strays into the domain of far to “salesy”.

We love the illustrations that tell the story of what the service can offer, it worked in us!